A New Blog

I create this blog just for my rants.
I realise that I think a lot of things and sometimes it’s just too weird to suddenly bring up that issue out of nowhere. So I’ve decided to bring it up here on the internet, where everything is judged upon. So judge away…

Since this is my first post on this blog, I ought to say HELLO to everyone (if, anyone is actually reading this).

I don’t actually think anyone would stumble upon this blog, or read it.
So this blog shall pretty much be talking to myself.
Well, writing to myself…

Oh, hello Adrienne.
Hey there Adrienne!
How are you doing?
I’m doing great, nice day today isn’t it?
Sure is. By nice, I think you mean it’s scorching hot out there ’cause we live in Malaysia where we have only two seasons; flooding rains or burning hot.
Technically, those aren’t seasons.

You can already tell where this blog is headed…


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