Have you ever done SO MANY THINGS in a short period of time that when you’re done, you feel empty?
Then having to fall sick right after that.

The empty I mean, is free and having nothing on you to-do list. And yes, that is exactly what is going on right now.
The past two weeks have been the most hectic two weeks I have been in this year. This beats all the past semesters where I’ve had more subjects with more assignment deadlines and exams.

Let me recount what I had on my to-do list for the past two weeks:

  • 3 Mid term exams
  • 1 assignment deadline
  • 1 assignment presentation
  • A charity concert event where I had helped out
  • A Zoo visit with Orphanages where I was on the committee
  • Countless committee meetings
  • Lots of preparations for that zoo project (paperwork and transportation arrangements)


Yeap. Right after that zoo event, I immediately fell ill with a sore throat and flu. As I am typing this, six days after that event, I am still ill.
Yay me for my weak immune system.
I find myself very easily ill with the common flu. I remember getting just a couple months back.
Mother says I don’t get enough sleep which in this case, I agree.
I have 8am classes on Mondays and Tuesdays and every time I find myself sleeping at 2am the night before.
This sickness was a ticking time bomb.

On that note, I seem to find myself falling asleep in class and vowing to sleep earlier the night before.
Then, every Sunday and Monday, I can’t help but only going to bed at about 2am.
Why, brain why?
Why can’t you make myself sleep earlier?

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