I Can Never Have Enough of…


I am 70% sure that I have this disorder where I can sleep anytime and anywhere.
I can sleep through the noise of construction works going on in my neighbour’s house.
I can sleep through my phone’s alarm in which my phone is right next to my ear.
Even when I had just woken up, I can fall back asleep.

Is this bad?
I think it is.
Probably not healthy.
Wait, definitely not healthy.

The only times where I cannot fall asleep is when I really need to sleep because I needed to wake up early the next day.
It’s like my brain is playing games with me.
Especially when I have an early exam the next day and I planned to sleep at 12am (this is early for me), I cannot seem to fall asleep until about 2am…

Why, brain why?

I actually did a little Google search on this condition of never having enough sleep and there really is one; it’s called hypersomnia.
It’s pretty much the opposite of insomnia. Where an insomniac cannot sleep, a hypersomniac, cannot get enough sleep.
Now I’m not saying I have hypersomnia, but I have similar symptoms. Just not thaaaat serious.

Then again, I find myself sleeping for 10 hours straight on my weekends.
My weekends where I have no activities planned, consists of sleeping at 3am and waking up at 1pm the next day.
Just last night I slept at 5am and I woke up today at 3pm.



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