My Perfect Idols – Stana & Nathan

We all have our own people we look up to and admire wholeheartedly.
Some of you would have your parents as your idols while others, like me, have other people like celebrities as their idols. Now I’m not saying I don’t look up to my parents, I just want this post to be for the celebrities I admire.

I have two people I love and admire so much it hurts.
Don’t ask me to choose one, I love these two both just as much.
And in no particular order, they are…

Stana Katic              NATHAN FILLION
Stana Katic                                                          Nathan Fillion

If you know of these two, it’d probably be from the TV crime drama, Castle. Which is my favourite TV show ever. Never have I had myself so invested in something as much as I have invested in Castle. This, I am NOT kidding. I…

  • have watched every episode of every season, at least three times;
  • know every detail of its characters;
  • have all the punchlines in the series at my fingertips (I even know which episode it came from and the name of that episode);
  • collect Richard Castle novels on the Nikki Heat series;
  • even have two of the graphic novels released on Derrick Storm;
  • have pictures of them everywhere I can (handphone, my room’s wall, laptop, wardrobe…)
  • know every detail there is to know about Stana and Nathan (well, the ones that are made public);
  • have watched every other show/movie that Stana and Nathan has acted in or had a cameo on;
  • am always updated on any of their public appearances such as red carpets and interviews.

Now I know this sounds like a deranged obsessive fan,
I may be that on the inside of my head (I have OCD – Obsessive Castle Disorder),
but on the outside, I am completely normal.

If you don’t watch Castle, I wouldn’t talk about it unless you bring up the topic.
I wouldn’t just rant about Castle to someone who isn’t interested.
However, if you are also a fan, well then…

Back to my idols, they are perfect in my eyes. Yes, I know perfect doesn’t exist but Stana and Nathan are as perfect as one can be, to me. It’s just the way they are. Their humbleness, kindness, loyalty to us fans, gratitude, amazing sexy looks, humour, knowledge, experience, and I can go on and on about these two but I think you get the picture about how I feel towards them.

You may think that I am once again another obsessive fan, seeing that I’m a nineteen year old girl admiring a thirty five year old woman and a forty two year old man. What can I say? I have a thing for older people. 😉
Another side of this idol thing I’d like to bring is my feelings towards Stana and Nathan.
On one end I love them like I want to marry them.
Yes, I don’t mind going lesbian for Stana. Also, Nathan doesn’t look forty.
On the other end, I love them like a family kind of way.
For Stana, I see her as a big sister and for Nathan, I see him as a fatherly figure.
So you see my confusion? I can’t make up my mind whether, given a chance, I would love them as a partner or love them as family.
Of course, this is all fat hopes, but I can’t help but wonder…


I have created a page full of reasons to love Stana and Nathan.
Just a list of things I love about them, though I love everything about them 🙂
It’s in the ‘Reasons To Love’ tabs above or you can click here directly —> Stana   Nathan


3 thoughts on “My Perfect Idols – Stana & Nathan

  1. I’m a fan of Castle and I suffer from OCD. I haven’t read all of this blog – my first OCD entry might tell you why. (If you can find it. I’m new to this site so don’t know quick ways to find things) John

    • Hi there fellow Castle fan! I searched for your blog but it has been deleted. If you have any questions about wordpress, I wouldn’t mind helping with what I know 🙂

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