Meeting New People

I am almost a month into my internship at this audit company and I am loving it!

P/S: This is one of those happy and positive rants on life 🙂 

Ever dreaded change so much only to go through it and as time goes by, you suddenly decide you don’t want to ever leave that environment?
Well, that is me right now.
And  this isn’t the first time it’s happened to me.

I’ve always thought of myself as one who can adapt to new situations quickly and be able to accept it. It isn’t easy but time after time where there is a change of environment in my life, it just gets better and better. 

Such an instance would be the transition from secondary school to university life. I had it rough. I had my best friends for 11 years all going separate ways. We all went to different universities and some even overseas. That meant that I wouldn’t be seeing them on a daily basis anymore and that upset me so much that I cried at nights for a couple of days during the start of my university course. By the end of the first month, it got better. I met several new friends and I was right back on top of the world. I couldn’t be happier.

Then earlier in November, I finished my Year 1 of my degree and had a 2 month break where we’d have to do an internship. As part of my degree’s requirements was a module of a 2 month internship every year for three years. This time, I didn’t cry. I just felt sad I wouldn’t be seeing my usual gang in university for two months. But now, man… half of me wants to go back to university because I don’t want to continuously wake up at 7am every weekday (my classes vary and some start in the afternoon) and the other half of me wants to stay at this firm because I love being with these people.

Now, since I’m studying Actuarial Science, I ought to get a job related to that field of study (banks, insurance companies, risk management companies, etc…) but I couldn’t land myself one in either of the said companies. In the end, with some strings pulled by my sister’s friend whose father owns an auditing firm, I got myself an internship there.

On my first day, I was nervous, as it was my FIRST EVER JOB and also excited, as I love venturing out there and gaining experiences alone. A friend was supposed to follow me to this firm but he had a better offer. I prefer going somewhere totally new alone. It makes it much easier to meet others. Whereas when you go somewhere new with friends, you tend to stick to that few friends and seem unapproachable by others. 

To make things short, I love being in this office. I am currently helping out here and there at the audit and tax department. Mostly doing paperwork and filing but you know what, I am totally fine with that! I once said out loud that this two month internship was like a two month gym membership for me, as I’d been handling heavy files and papers all day long. 😛
Just being around with this group of people, well, I’d consider them friends now, is so much fun. I like being included and joining in the jokes and laughter. These are the things and they are the people whom I’ll keep in mind for a very long time, after all this is my first time working and getting paid. Within these three weeks, I went for their annual dinner (which the company so graciously let me join in), played futsal after work hours (though I’m not good at it), join in their Deepavali lunch celebrations at the office and also having lunch on a daily basis with them. It’s events like these where I get to talk non-work related stuff and get to know them better. They are just a bunch of cool people to hang around with who are willing to accept new people like me as their own. 

Now if only I was studying Accounting. I would come back here at this audit firm for my intern every year and then maybe even work there after my studies! Of course, for my next internship I’d want to get some experience at somewhere that has relations to my field of study. I do hope other offices has the same kind of environment as this one does, if not, more. 

The reason why I say I love being here is because, I hear from my friends who are also doing their internship, that it isn’t as fun over there. All they do is work, work and work. Not much fun and laughter. Sounds really dull. And most of them are doing administrative work where anyone with common sense could it. For me, I was actually learning how to audit. I now know how to do statutory audit and have even done it on my own too. So yes, I’m actually learning something rather than being a robot keying in data into systems. Though audit isn’t my field of study, I’d like to think of it as a backup plan. Usually as an intern, you probably wouldn’t get invited to hang out after hours but here I am, playing futsal with them. Also I hear from one friend that she usually eats lunch alone. Over here, I hear my boss and other colleagues making sure I’m not alone during lunch. That is super nice of them.

Another good thing is that, the people here are super helpful! They are so willing to explain and teach me and even repeat if they have to. Of course, it does help that I pick up things easily. Not to be bragging but I do hear one colleague telling another that I’ve been real helpful in helping to vouch documents. Plus, I helped a few of them with computer related stuff. Like adjusting some things in Microsoft Word, Excel and also several miscellaneous internet stuff. Looks like all those time on the internet were not all for nothing! 😀

I can go on and on but my point here is that, just when you think life can’t get any better, something else comes up and hands you another platter of happiness.

Good day to you!

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