My Dating Advice

…is that, don’t date someone in your school/college/university whom you’ll be seeing for the next couple of years everyday in class if you’re only looking for a fling.

Of course, this only applies to those who are still studying.

I am learning this the hard way.

Breaking up with him was hard on me. I never expected myself to be so affected by this breakup but it took me two weeks to move on from him.
Yet, I still have to see him every weekday in my class. And it doesn’t help that he is one of those noisy people in class where you WILL hear his voice.

Now, there isn’t anything bitter between us. We’re still friends, or so we convince ourselves to be. I still want to be friends with and so does he, as he had said so before. Anyhow, it doesn’t change the fact that we were once close before. So whenever we see each other, it’s a hi and bye situation and the occasional sharing funny pictures and posts online where we know the other person would enjoy. However, for me, it doesn’t change the fact that he had broken up with me. And that he had hurt me by doing so. Therefore, I now hate him as much as I still like him. There are times where I really want to punch him in the face and there are times when I want to crawl back to him.

So yes, I have about another two more years of seeing him every weekday (he is in the same batch of course as I am) unless I can miraculously find my way to study in another university in another country. Since I’ve always wanted to study overseas (somewhere in the UK or Canada would be great, US is pretty cool too) because my faith in Malaysian education isn’t that strong. Due to lack of financial funding, I am stuck here.

I guess the only way I can really move on is when I find someone new to focus on. But, I told myself that I shall not date guys in my university. People here are just not what I’m looking for. I guess what I’m looking for is someone more mature but can still have fun. Childish is alright, just not all the time. So, I want someone I can find outside of my university.

Even if he’s working now, I’m fine with that.
I’ve always like older guys anyway. (And I don’t mean OLD men, okay?)

Thus, I am taking a break in looking for a boyfriend from the pool of guys from my university.
I need to pick up/join/involve myself in something outside. Probably a club or community out there I can be a part.

I’ve been wanting to pick up another martial art apart from Tae-Kwon-Do that I already know. So maybe when I find a class outside, I’d meet new people 🙂

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