Needing a New Distraction

I am done crying over him.
I am done missing him.
I am done thinking about him.
I am done reminiscing over our relationship.
I am moving on.

And I need someone new to muse over…

I have come to this realisation, that when I thought I was miserable without him, I was actually miserable at the lost of a companion. I realised that I don’t miss him. I only missed his company. I missed someone being there for me. I missed someone I can talk to at any time of the day (and night).
And you know what? I can find that companionship in someone else out there. Someone better, even!

I have realised that I didn’t really liked him as much as I thought I did when we had just broken up. In fact, there are so many points where we didn’t match at all. He has no goals in life as he had only wanted to finish his university degree and get a any job to survive. When we talked about future jobs, he has that anything-will-do attitude. I do not like that, honestly. I have career goals in life that I am looking forward to achieving and I am trying my best to get there. He, on the other hand, pretty much doesn’t care. I’m not saying that you must have a goal AND achieve it. If you don’t, It’s alright. As long as you’ve tried your best and gave it your all. Even if that goal seem far-fetched, at least you’re working to achieve SOMETHING.

And that is just one point.

Now, I have moved on from him. I may still hurt a tiny bit when I see him doing something he used to say/do to me to someone else or when I hear his favourite song on the radio but you know what? I don’t regret it.
I don’t regret being with him.
I don’t regret breaking up with him.
I don’t regret him hurting me.
As much as it hurts, it has brought me to this state of realisation and made me a stronger, better person.
In fact, I thank him, though I won’t admit that in his face.

And so, I am now open to new people in my life and possible new relationships.
Goodbye, ex.
(I hope when I get a new boyfriend, he gets super jealous and miss me or something)
(Not that I’m desperate for a new boyfriend or anything)

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