I’m Not Gay, Except For…

***UPDATE: Turns out I AM gay (well, bisexual) but I don’t come out until a year after this original post 😛

…these few people I look up to.

Stana Katic

Jennifer Lawrence

Anna Kendrick

Paget Brewster

Cote de Pablo

Daniela Ruah

When it comes to these six women, I just love them so very much. Sure, I love my men but I would totally go lesbian for any of these. They’re beautiful, talented and amazing in every way possible. However, what is more admirable about them is their personalities off-camera. They are already great enough on TV and movies, playing roles that you can fall in love with (Stana in Castle, Jennifer in The Hunger Games, Anna in Pitch Perfect, Paget in Criminal Minds, Cote in NCIS, Daniela in NCIS:LA) but have you seen them when they’re not acting? Just watching them in interviews, behind the scenes, on the red carpet just makes me love them even more than I possibly can. ❤

Here’s my problem, I wanna marry them but I also just want them as a very good friend/big sister all at the same time. aThen again, I think I’d rather have them as a good friend, someone I can hangout with from time to time. I would imagine them to be such fun people to be around with.

I have previously written about how much I admire Stana Katic here, so to cut things short here, I’ll just say that she is amazingly gorgeous and talented as well as kind and adorable at heart. Stana can sing too! She sang Simone’s Song in the movie, The Librarian: Curse of the Judas Chalice and her very own song during the 51st Zlin Film Festival.

001 Recycle Across America   2014 Writers Guild Awards L.A. Ceremony - Red Carpet  144 SK 

tumblr_ms8vmhlxAf1qe826to1_250   tumblr_ms8vmhlxAf1qe826to6_250

Then there’s Jennifer Shrader Lawrence. How can anyone (man or woman), not like Jennifer. She loves food, doesn’t hold back her words and is funny. So she’s just like us normal girls but has an Oscar. She kicked ass playing Katniss and Tiffany (Silver Linings Playbook). What’s there not to love about Jennifer, I mean, just look at her…

81vIoFRne2L._SL1500_   enhanced-buzz-15348-1386600121-22   441098-oscars-2014-red-carpet-moments-jennifer-lawrence

anigif_enhanced-buzz-3929-1387403916-11   anigif_enhanced-buzz-5723-1387473434-22

Anna Kendrick is my newest muse. Ever since I watched Pitch Perfect, I cannot stop gushing about her. She kind of reminds a bit of Jennifer. Anna also loves food and doesn’t hold back, by that I mean she cusses too. 😀 Then while watching Pitch Perfect for the second time, I realised she reminds me a little of Avril Lavigne. Don’t get me wrong, I love Avril, grew up with her songs. I guess it’s because she played Beca which is a rebellious teen with lots of eyeliner who can sing. Pretty much Avril back then 🙂 Ah, she’s so pretty I wanna be just like her. She can sing, she can dance,  and she can act. Her rendition of “Cups (When I’m Gone)” is just so perfect. Plus she can rap too. Then she also sang live at the Kennedy Center Honours for a Shirley Maclaine tribute and it was so amazingly beautiful. Like, whoa where did that voice come from? Damn! I did a little bit of reading and found out that Anna has been acting for a loooonng time! She started when she was 13! nd now she’s 29. Gosh, how have I not have heard of her before this!

kinopoisk.ru  008 Sundance Happy Christmas  005 iHeart Radio Portraits

tumblr_mibtw1agVL1qhd14co3_250   tumblr_n0ra36k6wP1qdiaboo3_250

Then there’s Paget Valerie Brewster. One thing, her voice. My gosh, I can listen to her voice all day. She has this unique deep yet not so deep, more like sexy deep voice. And I love, love, love her in Criminal Minds. I was devastated when she left CM, both the first and second time). The BAU team will never be the same. But, I still watch it for Matther Gray Gubler, Shemar Moore, AJ Cook and Thomas Gibson. I understand that Paget wants to leave CM to pursue other acting opportunities but the role of SSA Emily Prentiss was how I came to know of her.

Emilyprentisss7promo   tumblr_lutold1myZ1qje8kto1_500   tumblr_m5py46W7dG1qhe5fdo1_500


Cote de Pablo (María José de Pablo Fernández) holds a special place in my heart. She plays Agent Ziva David in NCIS and till this day I cannot believe what had happened between the TV network producing NCIS and her. I won’t spread any false accusations here, you can read about it elsewhere but I find it so unfair of the TV network to do whatever they did, I mean Cote is a HUGE part of NCIS, a main role. I do not blame Cote for leaving, I believe she did what she had to do for her own good. I’m disappointed that the network didn’t do much to get her back. Onto why I love her, Ziva (the role I fell in love with) is a tough and smart agent and damn, she can really kick your ass when she needs to. Off screen, she is just super adorable and giggly. She’s sexy and amazing. Love, love her.

NCIS  2012 Women In Film Crystal + Lucy Awards - Red Carpet  tumblr_mb2zadYdXQ1qe1tmho1_500

tumblr_maxap0Wc6M1relpfto2_250  tumblr_mczqdj5doV1rwbaamo1_250

As for Daniela Sofia Korn Ruah, she’s like Cote to me. Her character on NCIS:LA, Agent Kensi Blye is also tough and smart. She is superb in NCIS:LA. She can kick your ass and still look sexy doing it. Damn. Off screen, she is a new mother to River Isaac last year, who by the way, has the same birthday as me 🙂

5648688ede8e11e28ed022000a1fbc58_7  103231_d0371  tumblr_meyqqzvnJU1qac6ozo4_250

tumblr_mcrk7uFv7C1qbkq4po6_250   tumblr_mm3seyUzul1qbkq4po10_r1_250

So yeah, you can see that I love women who can be tough and still be just as gorgeous at the same time. They inspire me. I wanna just like them. I aspire to be a little bit of Stana, Jennifer, Anna, Paget, Cote and Daniela with a dash of me into it. I want their confidence, their fun personality and just all around awesomeness 🙂

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