Dammit, Anna Kendrick

I have been on an Anna Kendrick movie binge and I love it.
It all started when I suddenly had the urge to rewatched Pitch Perfect again. Then I fell in love with Anna all over again.

But damn…. Anna, I love you so much right now. I mean, I’m still true to Stana but Anna, you’re almost there.
I cannot even begin to describe this perfect little adorable human being that is Anna Kendrick.
Like, how do you exist? You’re all I want to be.
And I mean her as in the off-screen her. The real her.
Not the roles that she play in movies.

Usually I’d actually take the time to input some photos and videos of the person I am gushing about, but really, it is now 3AM plus and I just finished three Anna Kendrick movies and tons of Anna Kendrick interviews on YouTube.

Yep, I watched Up In The Air, What To Expect When You’re Expecting and Drinking Buddies. After that, I watched one YouTube interview of her, which led me to another, and another, and another. Damn you, suggestions sidebar… On the bright side, I did not know she sang at the Kennedy Center Honors. I don’t know that song she sang, but damn, that was an amazing performance. Of course, throughout the day I also kept listening to her rendition of Cups (When I’m Gone) and the Riff Off song from Pitch Perfect. Her rapping is so sexy. Like seriously.

I still have a couple of Anna Kendrick movies I WANT to watch but… I have a class tomorrow. And it’s 3 friggin AM. Where did all my time go?! I still have 50/50 to watch! And I can’t wait to watch Into The Woods! Aaahhhh I’m gonna fangirl over her in the cinemas! Like I’m gonna go full-on fangirl over my girl crush in public.

I don’t want to leave my laptop, but I don’t want to leave my bed waiting up for me either…

Oh Anna, what have you done to me?
I still love you though…

Anna, if you happen to stumble upon this, I am totally normal. I swear.
No, seriously.
Nothing’s wrong with me.
Not psychotic. At all.
Can I meet you please?
It would make my day

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