The Drama Queen, That Is My Ex-Boyfriend

I would just like to take the time to comment on this issue as I have come to know of some details of my breakup recently.

So, my ex boyfriend (whom shall be referred to as Guy X), the one I’ve been talking about in a couple of my past posts here, is apparently quite the player and is such a liar as well as an all around jerk.
A lot of this information came from a friend, Guy A, whom you will get to know about his part in this story.

Guy A, a friend of mine and also a mutual friend of Guy X and I, told me that immediately after X and I broke up, X got together with another a girl, Girl B, also a friend of mine.

Now, when I had first met Guy A and Girl B, I knew they would be together sooner or later. I could see that they liked each other but haven’t committed to each other yet. Even when Guy X and I were together, he suspected that they both would be together.

Here’s the jerk part of Guy  X: he confessed his feelings for Girl B while he was still dating me!
Plus, he knew of what I had went through recently, which was finding out my very own father cheated on my mother.
So how different is he from my father?

After a very short while, Guy X and Girl B did not work out and they broke up. This prompted Guy A to confess to Girl B and now they’re together, for which I am absolutely happy for! I have no hard feelings towards Girl B at all, in fact, I was rooting for A and B to be together. Guy A told me that Girl B didn’t even love Guy X. She said yes just to give him a chance.

So now, Guy X and Guy A are pretty much hating each other because Girl B chose Guy A above all. Guy A even told me that Guy X will not give up on Girl B so that means war. I told Guy A that I’m right behind him against this cheating scumbag.

Then I came to know of his past. Which was that before me, he tried confessing his feelings to four other girls in the same classes as we all are in. Of which, two of them are now in their respective happy relationships, which meant at that time they were probably getting to know their significant other then Guy X injects himself in there but got rejected. Now, don’t I feel stupid for succumbing to him? We weren’t exclusive but man… I can’t help but feel so… used.

Not only that, recently, Guy X  has been trying to talk to me more. I feel like it’s as if that now he can’t get Girl B, he’s coming back to me. Well, I wasn’t born yesterday, you lying scum! Never in a million years will I ever be in any sort of relationship with Guy X.

It is now Guy A, Girl B and I who are good friends and then there’s Guy X, salvaging whoever he can have left. Girl B is still maintaining her friendship with Guy X but for Guy A and I, we’re just head on hating him. I hate him for cheating me, he hates him for taking his girlfriend. I still see him every weekday in classes but he’s pretty much dead to me. I see right past him when we pass by each other. I’m acting like he’s not even there. I talk to his friends but not him. It seems pretty mean of me but I do what I have to do to defend myself.

I would also like to address my ever so supportive best friends! I have this group of four girls and I and they are such amazing people to help me through this. They have been behind my back all the time and giving me the pep talk as well as bitching-about-the-ex talks I needed.

TH, SW, AK & SC,
Thank you and I love y’all!

My other group of friends, however, immediately told me that they were on my side when I had told them what happened. I didn’t even tell them to, I just told them to clear things up as Guy X had told some lie about me to one of them. Then they immediately sided me. Aww, thanks EN, TLJ, NSC, TWC!

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