In about 36 hours from now, I’d be sitting nervously in a tiny car awaiting my turn to prove to a couple of guys of my skills to drive on the actual roads of Malaysia.

Over the past one and a half months, I have been going for driving lessons and taking the necessary courses and tests to obtain my driver’s license.
To be honest, I am pretty nervous.
More nervous than I am for my final exams, which ended a week ago.

Now, Malaysia has its fame for one of the craziest road rage and endless traffic jams everyday. Then again, I cannot assure you for myself as I’ve only ever been on Malaysian roads. I’m actually feeling the pressure right now.
I. Am. Scared.

In order to get your license in this country, you have to attend a crash course on the rules and laws of the roads here and take a computerized test on it. Passing score is 42 out of 50 objective questions. I managed to score a 49, which I am very happy of. But that wasn’t my concern. I have had about 10 hours of practice on the road with my driving instructor but I feel as if I am still unprepared.

For the driving exam itself, you will be tested on four parts; the hill, parallel parking, three point turn and on the road driving.
The hill part is having to drive uphill and stopping the car exactly where it is marked on the hill, pull up the handbrake and release the brake pedal. Then after being cleared by the officer, you move on ahead.
My concern here is that I fear I may not be able to stop exactly where I’m supposed to. My practices mostly ended up with me stopping too early.

Parallel parking is to reverse into a slot within five minutes. Most of my practices, I managed to get it in within the time frame. However, a couple of times I’d misjudged my estimation and ending up over the line.
I’m afraid I might accidentally misjudge and hit the line at the back. If the back tyres touch the line behind, it will be considered as a fail, even if you are not done adjusting the car… :/

Three point turn is fine for me. As long as I go slow. Like reeaalllyy slooowwww. Hahahah.
Apparently, when doing this turn, the car mustn’t stop at all. It must be continuously moving or else it will be considered a four point turn.

The on-the-road part is having to drive out onto the actual roads with other road users (who are waaaayyy qualified than us) with an officer next to you. You would be driving a specific route and following the road signs out there. Also, the officer would judge your judgement you make when dealing with other cars. I just hope the other drivers I will be driving alongside me to be kind and nice to this learning driver taking her exam D:

So yeah, I am turning 20 this year and I am juuuust taking my driver’s license exam, although the legal age to obtain one is 17. I’m just a little late… 😛 Most of my friends and classmates have been driving for two years now and here I am, worrying about this two years too late to join the party.

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