Choosing Between Two Offers

Well, this sucks…

The time for my next internship is just around the corner and unlike last time, I started finding for my job early. Thankfully, I managed to land a place in a pretty good company willing to take me in for two months. It was hard finding for a placement and this was the only company that had reply my vast number of emails and phone calls I sent out and made.  So that was settled.

Then three weeks before I start my internship, I received an email from one of the earlier companies I emailed asking me to come in for an interview. Now you see, I had wanted to go to this company but after a few calls, they said they were not hiring any interns. Thus, me moving on the another company which later on accepted me.

Now, I thought that I’d just attend the interview out of courtesy.  If I didn’t get it, it’ll be alright. If I got the offer, I’d just decline it. I’d thought that I would attend because rejecting to meet them would be just a little too harsh. Boy, was I wrong…

Turns out, declining the job offer after they had offered is much, much harder than I would expect it to be. Yes, I got the job. I didn’t think I would because it was a group interview of 5 and it didn’t seem like I did well. Plus, we were given a set of Actuary related questions which were difficult, couldn’t do any of them. But I guess they didn’t really emphasize much on the questions.

As of now, I’ve composed my declining email but have yet to send it. I feel bad. I know it’s part of how all these work and I couldn’t have changed it anyway because of this terrible timing, but nonetheless, I still feel terrible. I want to be able to work at both companies. It’ll be such a good experience at both places but I only have two months to spare for my internship.

I just hope I’m somewhat making the right decision…

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