Life Update? 

Or more like trying to include 2017 in my list of blog posts. 

In the months missing since my previous post, I have 

  • Graduated university with a degree
  • Went for a number of job interviews
  • Lazed and bummed around the house for 4 months unemployed
  • Finally got a job
  • Found a group of pretty cool colleagues to hang out with at work
  • Lost my grandfather 😦 I miss you, Gong Gong
  • (Finally) Registered and currently studying for my actuarial professional paper that I’ve been scared about (it’s in one week 😨) 
  • Gotten significantly gayer ever since I discovered Hayley Kiyoko and Katie McGrath. 

Yep, I should absolutely get back to studying but you know, I’m the best at procrastinating. Though I would really like to rant about my new found love for Hayley, I shall save that till after my paper. I promise. Hayley-filled post coming right up! 


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