Discovering Hayley Kiyoko

So here’s my appreciation rant on this new obsession of mine. I feel like I’ve been missing out on so much because I discovered her so late. I only came to know of Hayley about half a year ago when I was looking for some queer themed music and came across Girls Like Girls but then I didn’t really love love her until I watched the music video for Sleepover the day it released.

Sleepover oozed a much needed representation of unrequited sapphic feels and my God, I have never wanted a girl like I wanted Hayley Kiyoko. The entire music video was just so aesthetically pleasing with the orange/yellow colour mood. The story goes with Hayley falling for her straight girl best friend and the whole POV switches between reality and her fantasy where they’re both frolicking around a room and in a bathtub. So much feels ❤️

Then I started listening to the rest of her music and I just went so deep down this rabbit hole of music that spoke to my soul. On top of being super catchy, Gravel to Tempo is just so true to what a lot of young, insecure, gay girls go through at least once in their lives. As a teenage girl who didn’t realise her admiration for her fellow girl seniors was probably attraction to girls, I could relate. And if you’ve watched the music video, you’d ship the hell outta Hayley and the headphones girl.

I am just so in love with the entire Citrine EP. So many good songs like Ease My Mind, Pretty Girl, Palace, and One Bad Night. Plus, songs from the This Side of Paradise EP and A Belle to Remember EP. The best part? Hayley herself wrote these songs and they’re all based on her own experiences. I literally have not stopped listening to her songs everyday since Sleepover was released (that’s about 2 months now at this time of writing). I’m not even kidding, I need to listen to her everyday or if I’m not, it’ll be playing in my head, full lyrics and all. Yeah, I’ve never had such an intense liking to a person I’ve never watched before, beats all my other badass women on film/TV crushes. 

Then I found out that she’s actually been around for quite a bit, acting in a bunch of movies and TV shows. Most recently she played a hacker with the CSI: Cyber team. Then I also found out she’s most recognised from her Disney movie/TV shows involvement. So I recently watched Lemonade Mouth and I loved it. Now, I usually don’t like Disney movies because they’re just super cliché and too high-schoolly but this one was pretty good despite the unrealisticness. And the music’s pretty good! The five of them can actually play the music instruments and sing. 

So she sings and she acts, but have you seen her on stage? I haven’t, but I shall be in the crowd of her live show ONE DAY! She builds a stage around her for her performances. I talking about this little space she creates surrounded by her instruments and mic. From her One Bad Night tour, you can see her electronic drum pad on her left, keyboards on her right, mic in front of her, plus she can also play the guitar & bass too. 


I don’t think I’ve ever liked a person and personality from afar so much that I want to date, and even marry her. I written in a previous post that I don’t prioritise marriage in my life but for the first time, I could actually imagine myself being happily married to someone like Hayley. Okay, I know how stalkerish that sounds (Hayley, if you ever read this pls don’t hate me), but what I really mean is that I think I found the type of personality that I can tolerate and spend the rest of my life with. 

This is me stalking her Instagram stories

Okay enough ranting, here’s more of Hayley beautiful, beautiful face. 


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