Queer Women TV/Web Series

I’ve peppered this blog with so much of my TV shows rant, there isn’t anything I haven’t said about how much these stories positively affect my life. Plus, a series means I can get even more invested and obsessed with the character and/or actress for years.

Queer characters give me hope that there’s something or someone out there for me, in this huge world with the hidden nooks of queerness in every corner. It’s also the chance to live vicariously through them while I’m too chicken to make a move on some (possibly) straight girl currently on my radar.

So I’m just gonna get right into this list, in the order of  what I watched first. This list ranges from those that have only one queer character with a tiny arc but so worth watching those episodes, to those have the queer characters as leads.

(I am aware there are many series out there with queer women characters that you feel are better than these, feel free to recommend them to me but no guarantees I’ll watch them asap. I’ll try my best, as you can tell by the length of this list I am juggling a lot of shows.)

Queer Women TV/Web Series

Note: this is a developing list and will be updated whenever I discover a new TV / web series. In the future, some of these possible ships may be canon, so I’ll try my best to update it as time goes by if any changes. No promises though.

Canon / Sailing Ship
Possible / Hoping Ship

Nyssara: Sara Lance / White Canary (Caity Lotz) & Nyssa al-Ghul (Katrina Law)
I’ve mentioned this before and I’ll mention it again. I was in the midst of catching up with Arrow season 2 when I was questioning my sexuality and identity. So when episode 2×13 came on and I saw the ever so amazing Katrina Law slide down a silk rope in front of Caity Lotz and kissed her. That feelings truck hit me at full speed. If I had doubts of my attraction to girls before, it was gone. Nyssara was influential to me, not just because it was my first f/f ship, but both girls represented a tough, no-nonsense persona that I could relate to. Nyssa and Sara clearly love each other very much but could be fully independent on their own, and damn they could kick some ass.

Plus, Sara Lance is such a in-your-face fuck you to the whole Bury Your Gays trope because when she was killed, fans made so much noise that they had to bring her back to life, which works well because comic book character don’t really die when they die. Really upset that they broke Nyssara up but I still believe they’ll find their way back to each other one day and go around helping other helpless girls be tough, just like how Nyssa saved Sara back in Nanda Parbat. ❤

Legends of Tomorrow
Avalance: Sara Lance / White Canary & Ava Sharpe (Jes Macallan)
Agent Canary: Sara Lance / White Canary & Alex Danvers
Bonus = Maisie R Sellers
Bringing Sara back to life on Arrow for her to be on Legends of Tomorrow, and then become the Captain of the Waverider was the best decision the CW / DCTV ever made (and possibly the only). While I ship Nyssara whole heartedly and hope they’d get back together one day, I also ship the heck outta Avalance. The whole starting-out-as-enemies history and slowburn canon of the first 12 episodes of Season 3 has me whipped so bad. Plus, it was nice to see that Avalance being treated so good on this show, with the endless flirting and teasing between Ava and Sara throughout the slowburn, unlike how terribly written Lena and Kara’s characters were in Supergirl. Avalance can be super adorable in one moment (Ava letting her hair down whenever she hologram-calls Sara, Ava shyly pushing her hair behind her ear and looking down, Sara teasing Ava all the time when they’re alone, Sara doing that ‘shhh’ finger thing against Ava’s lips, etc.) then super hot the next second with both of them constantly fighting side by side against disgustingly large ego-ed men. Perfect. ❤

The four-part crossover between Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl was a really great story arc that brought comic book pages to life. It also gave us a really fun one night stand / fling from AgentCanary. I know a lot of people aren’t happy with AgentCanary because they prefer Nyssara and Sanvers, and I do too, but I liked how they portrayed AgentCanary as a fling while both Sara and Alex were single women. Plus, they ended on good terms which is even better! Sara complimenting Alex’s body at the end of the arc is super hot btw.

While Amaya Jiwe / Vixen isn’t gay (yet!) on Legends of Tomorrow, Maisie is totally gay with a girlfriend in real life and they are super cute! Maisie and Clay’s couple-y photos are just swoon-worthy. They also leave super cute comments on each other’s Instagram photos. I can’t even.

Sanvers: Alex Danvers (Chyler Leigh) & Maggie Sawyer (Floriana Lima)
SuperCorp: Kara Danvers / Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) & Lena Luthor (Katie McGrath)
ReignCorp: Samantha Arias / Reign (Odette Annable) & Lena Luthor
SuperReign: Kara Danvers / Supergirl & Samantha Arias / Reign
I absolutely loved Alex’s coming out arc and how it shows that you can be a fully grown adult just realising your identity. Alex’s conversation with Maggie at the alien bar telling her she finally understood how she felt struck many chords of feels. The Sanvers relationship really gives me hope that I’d find someone one day, despite my whole “I-don’t-need-to-be-with-anyone-yet-I-want-someone” attitude. On that note, I absolutely hate how the CW / DCTV ended their relationship. Over a disagreement of wanting/not wanting children? Really?? I’m not convinced that Maggie is so unwilling to compromise having kids that she’d let go of Alex. There was no history / backstory / reason whatsoever on why Maggie would be so adamant about never having kids one day.

Onto SuperCorp… oh geez, when will Kara and Lena get together already?? I cannot see Lena with anyone else but women, particularly Kara, possibly even Sam. Lena Luthor is the epitome of female empowerment giving out strong lesbian vibes, especially with those lady killer eyes. The amount of scenes that are just oozing SuperCorp is unbelievable, I wonder if it’s Katie McGrath just sneakily adding them in because the writers wouldn’t go there.

Then along comes Sam and I would totally ship her and Lena (ReignCorp) just because Kara in Season 2 and 3 is so hung up on that Daxamite dude who left Earth. Sam is also another tough female character AND she’s a single mother so I would like to believe she’s into women too. TBH I’m really okay with either pairing of SuperCorp, ReignCorp and even SuperReign but my ultimate hope is for SuperCorp to be canon. Even Katie herself supports it!

Supergirl’s writers/producers could learn a thing or two from the Legends of Tomorrow’s writers/producers in treating women characters with respect. I wouldn’t even be so bitter if they decide not to have SuperCorp as canon, but then they just keep shoving failed relationships (with men) for these two poor ladies. Like, give them a break and stop making them look so desperate for a man when they can clearly take care of themselves.

Orange is the New Black
Vauseman: Piper Chapman (Taylor Schilling) & Alex Vause (Laura Prepon)
Nichorello: Nicky Nichols (Natasha Lyonne) & Lorna (Yael Stone)
Pousoso: Poussey Washington (Samira Wiley) & Brook Soso (Kimiko Glenn)
Flaritza: Marisol “Flaca” Gonzales (Jackie Cruz) & Maritza Ramos (Diane Guerrero)
Bonus = Natasha Lyonne, Samira Wiley, Lea Delaria, Laverne Cox
Vauseman is one of those ships I have a love-hate relationship with, because while I cannot stand Piper on her own, I absolutely and whole-heartedly love Alex and their relationship together. It’s almost as if, because Alex loves Piper and I love Alex that I’m willing to accept Piper. On her own, Piper is super annoying and manipulative though.

I actually ship Nicky with anyone that she flirts with, really. But I’m rooting for her and Lorna to end up together for reals this time. It hurt to see Nicky be so sad that Lorna chose some other random dude over her. Then again Lorna is really not well with her overwhelming paranoia and I’d want to protect my baby Nicky. The Nicky/Alex hookup was pretty fun too, I love that they such good friends through it all.

I’m still sad that Poussey got killed at the end of Season 4, she was one of the most unproblematic character of them all and she was super cheerful. Soso on the other hand, was annoying af in the beginning but then when she got together with Poussey, she wasn’t so bad. They were perfect together 😥

Flaritza would’ve been SO MUCH FUN! They’re so cute together and the trouble they get into makes it all the worthwhile if they would get together already! OITNB writers, please stop making them talk about guys and have them realise they’re in love with each other already.

This cast is so full of diverse backgrounds and sexualities, there’s people like Natasha Lyonne, Samira Wiley (and her OITNB writer wife, Lauren Morelli), Lea Delaria, who are gay IRL and Laverne Cox, a beautiful proud transwoman. And majority of the other casts are also really outspoken LGBT+ allies who attend pride parades and women marches. Such a great group of people. ❤

Jessica Jones
Trishica: Jessica Jones (Krysten Ritter) & Patricia “Trish” Walker (Rachael Taylor)
The show Jessica Jones is perfect, it highlights a strong (physically and mentally) female lead who’s survived abuse and still has her sarcasm and no-nonsense attitude. It’s inspiring, hopeful and feminist packaged in a superhero (but don’t let Jessica catch you calling her that!) action show. So basically, it’s everything we need more in the media, something to empower women (and men). The only thing that would sweeten this show would be for Jessica to be gay, or bisexual at least. Because, girl, have you seen her and Trish? It’s like they are practically married already! Season 2 took a loonnggg time to get here (out on 8 March 2018, women’s day!) since Season 1 came out in November 2015 but I’m hoping (and praying) that the Trishica ship sails. Or at least, they could hook up and still be friends after. That’d be cool too…

Person of Interest
Shoot: Samantha “Root” Groves (Amy Acker) & Sameen Shaw (Sarah Shahi)
When I discovered this show, it was already airing Season 5, the final concluding season. I was pretty upset because the network had cancelled it despite it being way more successful than a lot of its other shows (I’m looking at you, CBS). This is one of those shows that really had you thinking about camera surveillance, artificial intelligence and the future of computers and robots. Just watching it makes you feel smarter and also paranoid about constantly being watched *cue episode intro narration* You are being watched. Since I binge-watched Season 1 to 4 back to back, the Shoot slowburn wasn’t so bad. They officially meet in episode 2×16 with Root threatening to torture Shaw with an iron aka a really steamy roleplay because they’re both (lovable) former contract killers. Shaw has Axis II Personality Disorder and shows no emotions most of the time (with the exception towards Root and Bear the dog). Root is a little sociopath who enjoys killing those who has wronged her or others and is super flirty towards Shaw. So really, they’re perfect for each other ❤ One of my favourite episodes has got to be 4×11 “If-Then-Else” where we get to see the machine run thousands of simulations to get the team out of a building overrun with the Samaritan people coming to kill them. The machine then simplifies all the assumed conversations into a caption-like description of what Root and Shaw would say to each other and it is hilariously accurate!

Root: [overly affectionate greeting]
Shaw: [greeting]
Root: [transparent rationale for conversation]
Shaw: [annoyed attempt to deflect subtext]
Root: [overt come-on]
Shaw: [mildly embarrassed defensiveness bordering on hostility]
Root: [playfully witty signoff]

I refuse to believe that Root is actually dead when the series ended. That call that Shaw picks up from the public phone booth? I’m very convinced that it’s Root (and not just Root’s voice) calling to say, “Miss me, Sameen?” and then tells her to go somewhere so they can live happily ever after off the grid with Bear. You can’t convince me otherwise! 😡

NCIS: New Orleans
Tammy/Eva: Tammy Gregorio (Vanessa Ferlito) & Eva Azarova (Cassidy Freeman)
I have watched every episode of all three NCIS’s since the original NCIS started way back in 2003, and in all those hundreds of episode there was never once a gay character within the main team members. So when Gregorio came on NCIS: New Orleans, I just immediately liked her even before they revealed she was bisexual. I know there’s a lot of people out there who, for some reason, hates Gregorio, but here I am rushing to watch every new episode once it is released only to see my baby Gregorio kick some ass or flirt with a girl. There’s just something about the way she talks and act that I can’t get enough. Also, how fun is it to watch her and Eva shamelessly flirt at each other without admitting it! The scene at the bar when they first met in episode 2×12 is super hot and the ending scene kiss is just made of dreams. Love that they brought Eva back for 3×14 and this time they get to spend more time and kiss some more. So now that Eva’s away in witsec, but still alive, there’s a chance for them to still be together in future episodes! Plus, who doesn’t love the whole criminal-turn-good-for-lover story arc. P/S I’d really want to date Gregorio please.

Hollstein: Carmilla Karnstein (Natasha Negovanlis) & Laura Hollis (Elise Bauman)
Bonus = Negovanman (Natasha & Elise), Kaitlyn Alexander
This little web-series-that-could is everything a queer girl (aka me) could ask for. It has an almost all-female cast and crew, a lesbian vampire, a gay journalist, a diverse cast of different gender identities and sexualities, a magical university, literature references, a love story and a MOVIE after three seasons and a prequel. It also doesn’t hurt that the two female leads are both hot and cute at the same time and played by pansexual and bisexual ladies. The series itself is a quirky, fun and modern adaptation on the original Carmilla novella which is much darker and set in the 1800’s. The web-series was amazing and the movie was even better because we get to see Hollstein be all domesticated and cute. You can read about the movie in my other post about Queer Women Films. Plus, it’s a happy gay ending (except for Season 2)!

Black Mirror (San Junipero)
Kelly/Yorkie: Kelly (Mbatha Gugu-Raw) & Yorkie (Mackenzie Davis)
Ah yes, the only Black Mirror episode to have a happy ending up to Season 3. After so many horrifying revelations and scenes to prior episodes (because I binge-watched Seasons 1 through 3), San Junipero was such a nice surprise AND it’s gay af! How cute is Yorkie though, with the glasses and all around awkwardness. I was super afraid that they wouldn’t end up together just because it’s a Black Mirror episode but phew! Also, Belinda Carlisle’s Heaven is a Place on Earth is now a GAY SONG. It’s PERFECT. *ooh baby do you know what that’s worth, ooh heaven is a place on earth*

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Twillow: Willow Rosenberg (Alyson Hannigan) & Tara Maclay (Amber Benson)
Being a 90’s kid, I have to admit that I didn’t really watch Buffy when it was still on. Mainly because I live in Malaysia and it wasn’t really big here. But I do remember watching random episodes on some TV channel that was using it as time-fillers during odd hours in the afternoon. So I knew the premise of the story and a little bit here and there. A couple of years back, I decided I’d finally get onto fully watching all 7 seasons of Buffy and 5 seasons of Angel because I was on a high of obsessing over Amy Acker. I really wanted Fred to be gay too. Willow and Tara was so adorable because they are both shy and awkward and I can relate to that in matters of relationships and feelings. Also, their relationship was one of the first, if not first, healthy lesbian representations on television. I absolutely hated the way Tara died, a stray bullet shot on ground to the second floor, really?? And Willow had to watch her die too… 😡

The L Word
Tibette: Bette Porter (Jennifer Beals) & Tina Kennard (Laurel Holloman)
Sharmen: Shane McCutcheon (Kate Moennig) & Carmen de la Pica Morales (Sarah Shahi)
Alice/Dana: Alice Pieszecki (Leisha Hailey) & Dana Fairbanks (Erin Daniels)
Talice: Alice Pieszecki & Tasha Williams (Rose Rollins)
Bonus = Kate Moennig, Leisha Hailey, Daniela Sea
I definitely have not heard of The L Word back when it was still on, mainly because I live in a country where it isn’t legal to be gay and any LGBT+ references in the media is censored (it’s pretty ridiculous). So the show never reached the shores here and the only way I knew of this show was when I had just discovered I was gay and was searching for shows/movies to watch that had gay representation. And boy, did I find that in this show. The L Word is like the bible and dictionary of all things lesbian. Despite so much hate and critic towards it, there was still a load of love and praise for it being one of the first female and lesbian-centric dramas out there. I feel like it is a must that all new baby dykes to watch this show. It’s part of the gay girl’s starter pack; own way too many flannel shirts, wear sneakers everywhere, listen to Tegan and Sara, and watch The L Word.

Throughout the loving, hating and backstabbing in all 6 seasons, I shipped Bette and Tina all the way. Even when Bette cheated and Tina got with that dude, I hoped and prayed they’d get back together in the end. They are perfect for each other and you bet I was squealing when they finally got back together in Season 5. Though it was annoying to see Bette cheat on Jodi with Tina. Oh wells. As for Shane, it was apparent that no one could ever hold Shane back when it comes to girls. But Carmen was special and for a moment it felt like they could make it, but when Shane backed out of the wedding, part of me wasn’t surprised. Sad, but not surprised. Out of all of Alice’s relationships, I loved her and Dana together the most. Such a great arc of how they were best friends first then they got together. The part where Alice was an obsessive stalker for Dana after they broke up was super cringe-y, I’d like to forget that ever happened. Dana’s death was really upsetting because she was probably the only unproblematic main character! I feel like Alice had it good because then she got Tasha who’s pretty hot with the whole tough exterior.

So a show about lesbians, ought to have some IRL lesbians, and thank the gay lords that Kate Moennig is gay! You can’t look so androgynously good looking and not be some form of gay (jokes, you can, I’m just being extra about how hot she is). Then there’s Leisha Hailey and Daniela Sea (who plays Max Sweeney) who’s gay IRL too. For the most part, I didn’t like Max being so needy and controlling. Though I don’t think I’ll actually re-watch the entire series again because there were way too many cringe-y parts, I don’t regret watching it. I certainly learnt a lot…about lesbian things… *wink*

Orphan Black
Cophine: Cosima Niehaus (Tatiana Maslany) & Delphine Cormier (Évelyne Brochu)
As I was binge-watching Orphan Black, it was airing their final season (I seem to be doing this lot) and it was HARD avoiding spoilers on Twitter every time a new episode aired. I only started watching this show after seeing people gush about Cophine. I knew of this show when it first premiered in 2013 since it was shown on tv here, but I wasn’t really interested because I thought clones meant really confusing storylines. BOY, WAS I WRONG. Not only was this show interesting af, I wasn’t even confused one bit because Tatiana Maslany is THAT good that making each and every clone so different yet similar. They main five clones (Sarah, Cosima, Alison, Helena, Rachel) had clear differences in personality and style, I keep forgetting they are played by the same person.

I love how both Cosima and Delphine are super smart and are science nerds, yet so classy and funny together. They both such cute petit chiots. Delphine definitely awoken my love for French girls speaking English in their accent. I also appreciate that we got to see Sarah be possible bisexual during her wild night out in episode 4×07.

Jean|Diane/Sidney: Jean Holloway / Diane Hart (Naomi Watts) & Sidney Pierce (Sophie Cookson)
I would recommend this show and not recommend it at the same time. That’s because, while it is a great insight to the various lives that Jean sees through her therapy patients, it showcases cheating spouses, compulsive lying and highlights a really unhealthy relationship between two women. I am pretty conflicted with Jean/Diane & Sidney’s relationship. It’s passionate, exciting and liberating as they are both mysterious with each other and they make f/f age-gap relationships look so good. Like, I have never wanted an older woman more than I already do and at the same time, I’d want a Sidney when I’m Jean’s age as well. Then there’s the aspect that their relationship is built on lies after lies after lies, and we as viewers don’t even know what’s real or not (and we’ll never know, damn you Netflix!). On Jean’s part, she conceals her identity to become Diane towards Sidney, lying about her marriage (and cute lil kid!), her job and her connection to Sidney’s ex-boyfriend. On Sidney’s part, we basically don’t know anything about her other than what the ex-boyfriend says about her, which is a total opposite to how she is towards Jean.

Through all that lying and cheating, I do believe in one thing, and that is the connection between Jean and Sidney (especially in episode 7 *wink*). I do believe they both care for each other and possibly even love each other deeply, but they just gotta come clean! I was hoping for this story arc (with lots of drama in between) in Season 2 but that ain’t happening for now. 😦 I have to add that the way Jean and Michael came to terms with their tomboy-ish daughter possibly be gay/trans is great. I love how Jean finally lets Dolly cut her hair short, dress herself in oversized boys clothing, and standing up to other parents when Dolly was a little too close for a homophobic’s comfort with their own daughters.

Camanda: Camille Engelson (Allison Scagliotti) & Amanda (Anna Akana)
TBH I only watched this show to get to Camanda in Season 3 and I didn’t really enjoy the show much. It had a great premise and strong characters but the way they choose to interact these characters with each other and the decisions they make could have been more finesse. For example, Kirsten and Cameron makes for a great couple, she’s serious, daring and always diving in head first into danger, he’s goofy, loyal and scared of everything, and they both smart and loyal to each other. But what I didn’t like about the relationship was that the moments they chose to walk away from each other, fight/quarrel, and finally kiss was either too slow/too rushed that it didn’t feel right. So while I ship them occasionally, I also find their story arc pretty boring at times.

Camanda on the other hand, didn’t have enough screen time for me to feel their build-up before finally being together. What I did like about Camanda was that both Camille and Amanda are strong independent women on their own and that they didn’t make it a big deal to be gay. Also, why is it that right after they reveal Camille to be bisexual and introduce a lesbian character, they cancel the show? So now we won’t see how Camanda would play out, barely giving them a chance to be committed to each other. I will say, that they could’ve introduced Amanda earlier in Season 2 (or even Season 1) to showcase their relationship because the whole Camille/Linus relationship was a bit cringe-y after the first hook-up. I appreciate the initial teasing and sexual tension in the beginning but when it became clear they were never gonna become a thing, it became awkward AND continued being awkward throughout.

Marvel’s The Runaways
Deanoru: Karolina Dean / Lucy in the Sky (Virginia Gardner) & Nico Minoru (Lyrica Okano)
At first I was sceptical about Deanoru happening because in the comics, Karolina had kissed Nico and Nico rejected her, which obviously made my gay heart sad. In the first half of Season 1, Karolina was seen trying to figure herself out and deflecting Chase (LOL). Then later on we see her staring at Nico and trying to be closer to her (super adorable). All this while, Nico was with Alex which I thought was cute at first but then Alex got way too annoying. Then episode 1×09 happened and all was right again because just like in the comic, Karolina kissed Nico BUT THEN NICO KISSED HER BACK! YAY! I absolutely loved that first kiss scene because you can see Nico being surprised, lost and unsure for a moment then she moves in and initiates the second kiss. Yes, I’ve replayed that scene way too many times to watch it frame by frame. Then in the season finale (episode 1×10) we get to see them sleep next to each other and spoon. ❤

Wynonna Earp
Wayhaught: Waverly Earp (Dominique Provost-Chalkley) & Nicole Haught (Katherine Barrell)
First off, how appropriate is Officer Haught’s name? VERY. Khaki pants and that officer uniform has never looked this good until Kat Barrell came along. And Waverly is just the most precious smol bean there is, I want to hold her and protect her and keep her away from all bad things in the world. And I love how Waverly just accepts that Nicole is gay and when she herself realises she loves Nicole, she totally went for it. Not to forget Waverly’s iconic line, I get it. You’re a lesbian, not a unicorn, right?

Probably one of my favourite arcs was that even when they were in an altered universe where Wynonna didn’t exist and Waverly was engaged to a dude (episode 2×11), WayHaught found their way back to each other ❤ Plus, you get to see Dominique Provost-Chalkley in another LGBT role in Carmilla the Movie!

One Day at a Time
Elena/Syd: Elena Alvarez (Isabella Gomez) & Syd (Sheridan Pierce)
Everything about One Day at a Time (ODAAT) is amazing. The entire series focuses on Cuban-American family with at least 3 female leads and they get to address SO MANY issues that NEED to be highlighted more, i.e. immigrants and minority issues in the US, racism, sexism, PTSD and mental health, sexuality and gender identities, LGBT+ rights. And the best thing is that these issues can be addressed with the right amount of humour and comedy while still being able to get you right in the feels. Elena and Syd are both so awkwardly adorable that I want to hug them and never let go. Their “Me gay / Me gay too” moment was way too cute, I can’t even. After Season 2, I really want to know more about Syd and how she came to identify as non-binary. I mean, we don’t even know her last name! If you ever need a dose of female empowerment and self-confidence, just spend half an hour to watch any episode of ODAAT. But real talk tho, you won’t be able to stop watching because it’s addictive!

The Bold Type
Kadena: Kat Edison (Aisha Dee) & Adena El-Amin (Nikohl Boosheri)
I binge watched Season 1 in two days and it was GLORIOUS. I absolutely adore Kadena, they’re both such sophisticated women on their own and together they are even more perfect. Of course, I didn’t like that Adena was cheating on her girlfriend to be with Kat. But I did like the fact that Kadena didn’t have sex immediately after their first kiss, and that they just slept on the bed together. That was a nice surprise, and paying homage to the fact that f/f relationships are not only about the sex.

My current favourite part (along with most of the Kadena shippers out there as well) has got to be the entire time Kat and Adena were on their 14 hour date at the airport (episode 1×09). It was such a beautiful formed escapism arc, where we really get to know more about their background. Aaaand Adena speaking Persian/Farsi (not sure of the differences, please correct me if you know). I have such a weak spot for women speaking any other languages that I can’t (aka anything other than English, Malay and Chinese). If you’re wondering what Adena said in Persian/Farsi, I scoured the internet and found that when Kat asked how to say ‘What is the WiFi password?’ Adena replied in Persian/Farsi, “I am a ridiculous American. Please help me.” Then she said, “You’re so beautiful,” in the sexiest throaty voice ever.

Besides Kadena, I really really love Kat and how she is so confident with herself and strives to be a better boss lady. And I have to say, I didn’t expect Jacqueline to be such an amazing mentor. In the first two episodes, I expect her to be the type of hard-to-approach, no-nonsense and no-second-chance kind of boss (think Cat Grant from Supergirl, though I still love Cat). But woah, the way she nurtures and guides Kat, Jane and Sutton, I’m in love. I cannot wait for Season 2 and 3!

Black Lightning
ThunderGrace: Anissa Pierce / Thunder (Nafessa Williams) & Grace Choi (Chantal Thuy)
(to be continued)


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