Stana Katic

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Below is a list of reasons to love Stana Katic, one of my my idols.
But before that, some facts on Stana;

She is of Serbo-Croatian parentage, born in Canada, moved to Aurura, Illinois and now lives in Los Angeles.
She speaks at least five languages – English, French, Italian, Serbian (and Croatian but they’re similar) and Slovenian.
She was born on 26 April 1978
She is about 5’9″.
She does falconry as a hobby.
She can sing and even wrote a song (as seen in the movie, The Librarian 3 and during the 51st Zlin Film Festival).
She ATP’s to work at least once every week (Alternative Travel Project).
She is a HUGE Caskett shipper.

My favourite quotes by Stana;

“When someone accuses you of being childish, I think you should take it as a compliment.”
“My name is Stana… It rhymes with Madonna… or banana… (if you come from England). It’s not that hard. Get it right.”
This, I agree completely. Stana is pronounced STAH-NUH and Katic is pronounced CAT-TICK. 
“I know a lot of people who are philosophers, and they sit by the river and talk about what that underwater world might look like. And I’ll say, ‘Dive in, man, and go see it. Swim around. You’ll be okay.”

This list is in no particular order and will be updated from time to time.

  1. Her hair (aka hairporn)
    STANA KATIC  295291_252778698167426_523706781_n  BAe2-4QCYAA4jxd  tumblr_mu0zi0s1hb1qhxmtdo1_r1_500
    0042 2013 Billboard Music Awards    STANIA KATIC  Stana Katic  ABC's "Castle" - Season Five
    tumblr_mjw6fuleVm1rg8rwjo1_250  STANA KATIC  tumblr_m5rx4pi3tX1qabv6mo4_r1_250
  2. Her adorableness
    252709_252778141500815_1041736860_n   318023_459021340792203_1533358449_n   A_uo151CYAE2kw9
  3. Her smile
    25-photo   205341_252777658167530_1027619339_n   tumblr_m5jtityDuJ1qbbw9no1_r3_500
    tumblr_m1g8fzK0ys1qdp7auo2_500 4x07
    tumblr_mgaoxiKTAK1r4wvwvo2_250 1x06  tumblr_mjjgsc9Mgf1rbzayuo2_250
  4. Her eyes
    Stana Katic    tumblr_m3xq8tGu3R1rpcrxeo6_250
  5. Her beauty
    002 Stana  599385_252777068167589_890596821_n sk-lightbox-019-photo BSyVZGqIYAAI_iY
  6. Her beauty, even without makeup
    Copy of ztiu0x 016 SK Photoshoots tumblr_mg29czdZaB1qjy6x3o1_500
  7. All the times she stopped for the fans, which includes getting down on the floor to sign a bunch of stuff.
    tumblr_mczmq3DVkr1qmzxy8o1_500 tumblr_mczlwp0WAH1qmzxy8o1_500 A_yPARpCUAAkuIo 487382_252779191500710_785183127_n
    tumblr_mqsqdjAWDW1qjy6x3o1_500 BPdYwANCUAAvNT_ BStqrN5CAAAqgmh BStqUfhCEAEbk5y
  8. Her involvement in helping the environment – Alternative Travel Project
    tumblr_lw0f6bQcyt1qczgxdo4_250 tumblr_lw0f6bQcyt1qczgxdo5_250
    tumblr_mqnyrcr88C1roji6io4_r1_250 73081_454454161673_284801801673_5979111_6517782_n
  9. Even when she’s making funny faces, it’s cute
    2012 People's Choice Awards Arrivals - Los Angeles  Film Premiere for 'Elysium' in Westwood, California  tumblr_md032af2lF1qhxmtdo1_r1_500
    BAftqSICYAEQZd8   tumblr_m5tb4s4B751qfh26f
  10. Stana and animals
    tumblr_mdwd496VYy1rg7onvo2_400 132 SK BWMY60sCQAElLft BWMZJ7gCcAAg0Qh
    tumblr_mdwd496VYy1rg7onvo1_250 tumblr_mdwdeugurp1rg7onvo16_r1_250 tumblr_m4lewhKokR1rpp9nio8_r1_250 4x13
  11. Stana in dresses
    2nd Annual Critics Choice Television Awards tumblr_mjwselc0Qm1rlb6iho1_1280 0012 Premiere of The Lone Ranger tumblr_m5qvw1Ibe11rnmaqno1_500
    stana_katic_002--485x620   sk-redcarpet-028-download  "Elysium" - Los Angeles Premiere  tumblr_mu0zi0s1hb1qhxmtdo1_r1_500
  12. That time she looked like a Greek goddess
    0006 Women In Film's 2013 Crystal + Lucy Awards  2013 Women In Film's Crystal + Lucy Awards  0035 Women In Film's 2013 Crystal + Lucy Awards  0012 Women In Film's 2013 Crystal + Lucy Awards
  13. ‘Blowfish’ face!
    BA08h4gCcAEIXd3   011 K
    A4-zzGpCEAATM-C   A6p2IxHCUAAr6i4
  14. Her humour – the Caskettball baby pictures in response to her pregnant rumours
    Big Papa & I are just thrilled w/ our new bundle. Baskett... on TwitpicBig Papa & I are just thrilled w/ our new bundle. Baskett’s a lil fussy here, but his baby blues melt our hearts.Happy family. Baskett's baby daddy & I trying to fig... on TwitpicHappy family. Baskett’s baby daddy & I trying to figure out what side his tuft of orange hair comes from.   Since some of you figured it out, I thought you should be the... on TwitpicSince some of you figured it out, I thought you should be the 1st to see photos of baby Baskett Beckett.
  15. Her unicorn-likeness
    023 SK 022 004 Stana Stana-stana-katic-30987710-350-525 tumblr_mdtfu0q86o1qbz20co5_250    tumblr_mbxugjbKvl1rqw14ao1_r2_250 sk-lightbox-024-photo tumblr_m8i36d0Zyu1rsx12no6_250
  16. When Beckett wears trenchcoats
    EXCLUSIVE: Stana Katic and Nathan Fillion laughing on set of Castle, LA 121600_d_0851_pre_595 STANA KATIC  JON HUERTAS, STANA KATICtumblr_m62rfcErFI1qdmj9bo1_500 STANA KATIC
  17. Her laugh
    tumblr_ma4irf0WOY1qli0cno3_250 tumblr_ma4irf0WOY1qli0cno4_250 tumblr_ma4irf0WOY1qli0cno6_250
    tumblr_md1w1uvGL01qg17aso1_250 tumblr_mqnyrcr88C1roji6io4_r1_250
  18. Her selfies
    A0trbVdCYAAACcf   Copy of 001 SK.BS_INFvCUAAP_-w  BCqLdTXCAAAqw07
  19. Wearing a white T-shirt
    by-nikitalots_595 008_untitled-by_595 010_untitled-by_595
    tumblr_m4gru0RwED1qgp3doo5_250 3x22 tumblr_m4gru0RwED1qgp3doo8_250 3x22
  20. These sexy poses
    tumblr_mjjp4v7J691qa5gubo3_250 stana_katic_001--485x620  A_7VfWfCYAEa21T
    Stana2-1103457742231230921 012 SK 013
    tumblr_m8i36d0Zyu1rsx12no1_250  stana_my_dear
  21. When she dances
    tumblr_inline_mih3kmPtWo1qz4rgp tumblr_mjj3mnbAwD1rwk0mlo1_400
    tumblr_m9j008qRcr1rygcubo6_250  tumblr_mjiw5g7dfV1qkthgko5_r1_250
    tumblr_m9j42zyslO1rsxo0c tumblr_mjjgsc9Mgf1rbzayuo1_250  tumblr_m9l0w5heg31qje12n
  22. The way she bites her lip
  23. This sexy shirt unbuttoning scene in front of ‘The Old Haunt’ in episode 3×10
    tumblr_m6a8l0x2PB1qdp7auo6_250 3x10 tumblr_m6a8l0x2PB1qdp7auo7_250 3x10
  24. The way she shrugs
    tumblr_inline_mg8a1sd8LR1qadu98 tumblr_mblv9ilUAd1qbwkkro1_500 tumblr_mblv9ilUAd1qbwkkro2_500 tumblr_mblv9ilUAd1qbwkkro3_500
  25. Stana sticking her tongue out
    tumblr_m9jme1mCg31qcj500o2_250 tumblr_m9jme1mCg31qcj500o3_250  tumblr_md2rrrCDHk1r00an0
  26. Stana in the Castle bloopers!
    tumblr_ms8vmhlxAf1qe826to3_250 tumblr_mbyyrlB7qC1qf1125
    tumblr_m9jme1mCg31qcj500o4_250 tumblr_luvrzrEv6U1qg9kbxo4_r1_250
  27. Yeap, I still love her
    tumblr_ms8vmhlxAf1qe826to6_250  tumblr_ms8vmhlxAf1qe826to9_250
  28. That hand fling she does
    tumblr_ms8vmhlxAf1qe826to5_250 tumblr_ms8vmhlxAf1qe826to4_250 tumblr_mezn05nReN1qfdw7ao1_500
  29. *Wink*
  30. Stana and babies
    tumblr_mwsv2b5Z001qbxcxno1_250 6x10 tumblr_mwsv2b5Z001qbxcxno2_250 6x10
    tumblr_mwsv2b5Z001qbxcxno3_250 6x10 tumblr_mwsv2b5Z001qbxcxno4_250 6x10
  31. Rock on
  32. Hugs and kisses
    tumblr_maur3ujIux1rpphig tumblr_inline_mgtak6cRwt1r7fztv
  33. How much she loves the cast & crew of Castle
    CASTLE ABC's "Castle" - Season Two
    198248_10150113891766674_284801801673_6926421_7192714_n 285666_237717166339965_1798920139_n
    0093BPQu1BeCUAAYErn BP_HwQzCEAA-_hr 011 K
  34. How much she loves her fans
    tumblr_mtz1e3ivpo1qhxmtdo1_250 tumblr_mtz1e3ivpo1qhxmtdo2_250
    tumblr_mtz1e3ivpo1qhxmtdo3_250 tumblr_mtz1e3ivpo1qhxmtdo4_250
  35. Stana eating
    tumblr_mc4eq7ALZo1qkaczro4_250 tumblr_mc4eq7ALZo1qkaczro7_250
  36. Stana being frustrated yet still manages to be adorable
    tumblr_m46sagagPV1qch5sdo1_500 tumblr_lqqh1a2DcW1qa2gm6o1_r1_500
  37. Randomly throwing a pen around
    tumblr_mgnisjrTGU1qbz44ho2_250 5x11 tumblr_mgnisjrTGU1qbz44ho1_250 5x07
    tumblr_mcw7plC5Rg1rp2sqeo1_r2_250 2x04




**This page is still under construction.
***DISCLAIMER: Most of the pictures and gifs posted here are not mine. It was taken from around the internet. If it belongs to you, do let me know and I will credit you.

0046 Saving Mr Banks Screening


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